Committed, Motivated, Inspire

Commit 360 was established in 2017 to support and serve the youth of Kitsap County. Our focus is to have the youth understand their “WHY” and their purpose in life. We give equal opportunity to all races, ethnicities, and gender. We are here to service our youth with commitment, motivation, and inspiration.

Our target audience is all youth from different levels of lifestyle and backgrounds, knowing they can learn from each other.  We are connecting with single and dual-parenting families, homeless kids, and coach surfers and have witnessed great improvements in the youth's lifestyle. Our organization connects with a very diverse group of youth and the majority of them are minorities.

  • Commitment to creatively inspire the minds of student athletes by mentoring them to take ownership of their future and help harness their individual gift.
  • Opportunity to ignite the possibility to achieve obtainable goals.
  • Motivate inspiring change through adversity to keep positive balance in life.
  • Mentality to reach potential by engaging in daily affirmations to promote positive self-resilience.
  • Improve individual abilities by teaching the common core values to develop personal strength through mental and physical training.
  • Trust that your vision will lead you to successful and positive change in your life.

Win The Day Program- Mentoring, Mental Education, Life Skill Workshops
Our goal is to provide educational life skill workshops, mentoring guidance and experience to
bring awareness to explore the opportunities of what life is meant for them as an indivisible. The
workshops and mentoring guidance will enhance their understanding of their self-worth,
confidence and their ability to make good decisions and choices for their life. The main
workshops will be center around Mental Health Awareness and Health Wellness.

Commit 360 Youth Sports Activity

Commit 360 has professional and experienced coaches providing training and mentoring to the youth teams. The sports program will highlight workshops to promote leadership training, goal setting, character building, team development building, and effective communication.

Service courses include:

  • Financial Literacy
  • Proper Hygiene
  • Team Building
  • Proper Etiquette and Manners
  • Service Acts
  • Leadership
  • Sports Specific Training and Health
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