Win The Day Program- Mentoring, Mental Education, Life Skills Workshops 

Our goal is to provide educational life skill workshops, mentoring guidance, and experience to bring awareness to explore the opportunities of what life is meant for them as an indivisible. The workshops and mentoring guidance will enhance their understanding of their self-worth, confidence, and ability to make good decisions and choices for their life. The main workshops will be centered around Mental Health Awareness and Health Wellness.

Youth School Diversion Program:

Win The Day School-Based program is a five-week restorative practice for youth at risk of suspension and expulsion in middle and high schools. To disrupt the out-of-school disciplinary practices, Win The Day Youth Diversion Program keeps youth in school gaining support for re-engagement. Students build intentional relationships with campus leaders while learning the skills necessary to prevent future disciplinary actions.


Our objective is to re-engage students who are disengaged, suspended, or expelled and historically lack opportunities or second chances within the school system. Our goal is to increase students' engagement by increasing their capacity to learn the necessary skills to navigate the educational system. We will connect students to resources inside and outside their school to help them pivot in the right direction to make a positive change. We hope that students will become aware of how receiving support can positively impact their future. We seek to empower students to make strong choices and develop decision-making skills using the journal. Our ultimate goal is for students to be viewed as possibilities to be developed and not a problem to be solved, changing the school-to-prison- pipeline into a system that will instead support, uplift and value all students.

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